Sanja Bebic

Ms. Bebic has more than 15 years’ experience in delivery, design, training, and management of overseas and domestic orientation programs working to provide refugees and other newcomers with the information, skills, and attitudes they will need to adjust to life in the United States. COR Center Director since 2003, Ms. Bebic manages all program activities at the Center, including the development and dissemination of publications and videos on orientation, new groups, and refugee adjustment and integration; the design and delivery of capacity-building trainings and presentations; facilitation of overseas-domestic exchange programs; collaboration with partners throughout the resettlement and integration fields; and all facets of orientation technical assistance.

Ms. Bebic’s previous experience includes design and delivery of overseas orientation, design and delivery of staff trainings in domestic orientation, curriculum development, training program management, translations management, and case management. She has held positions with the International Catholic Migration Commission, the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, among others. Ms. Bebic holds an M.A. in International Training and Education from American University.