RSC Austria CO Lesson Plans

These lesson plans were contributed by RSC Austria (HIAS Vienna). They may be useful to other overseas CO programs looking for some fresh activities, to domestic resettlement staff who would like to strengthen their CO delivery by using ready-made materials prepared by CO specialists, or to those who are interested in the type of training refugees provided CO by RSC Austria receive.

Health: Snakes and Ladders Game (HIAS Austria) 455.38 kB Lesson plan, game board in English, and game board in Farsi

Role of the Resettlement Agency: Core Services, Memory Game (HIAS Austria) 719.45 kB and Role of the Resettlement Agency: Core Services, Picture Cards (HIAS, Austria) 1.22 MB

Employment: Stressing Your Skills (HIAS Austria) 241.89 kB

Community Service: Community Services Game (HIAS Austria) 346.70 kB

Money Management: Family Finances (HIAS Austria) 342.51 kB

Cultural Adjustment: Trade Offs (HIAS Austria) 164.77 kB

Seniors: Potential Role Changes Within the Family (HIAS Austria) 139.83 kB