Video for Welcoming Refugees from Burma


Transcript of Burmese Refugees in the United States video (English)


Reflection Questions: Welcoming Refugees from Burma 

1. What were some of the initial challenges the refugees in the video faced when they first came to the U.S.?  How did the refugees in the video seem to feel about these challenges over time?

2. What did the refugees say about their jobs?  How long did it take for the refugees in the video to find their jobs?  What kind of work are they doing?  Do the refugees in the video seem to enjoy their work? 

3. How do the refugees in the video get around?  What transportation options are available in your community?  Do you think these options are easy or challenging to learn?

4. In the video, children talk about going to school and there is footage of K-12 classrooms, school buses, cafeterias, and playgrounds.  Why is it important for refugee parents to see and hear things like this?

5. Where are refugees in the video encouraged to seek help?  How would you feel about asking for help?  What did speakers in the video say about refugees from Burma asking for assistance?  How do you think the refugees feel when they need to ask for assistance?