Training of Trainers guide

The COR Center has developed Refugee Training and Orientation: A Guide for Service Providers to help service providers who work with refugees overseas or domestically to enhance their own understanding, design, and delivery of training and orientation. The guide is designed to be used by trainers (or case workers/managers) who deliver orientation directly, supervisors or training coordinators who are in charge of designing a program and training staff, and others, such as additional resettlement support staff, other service providers, and community members, who also participate in familiarizing refugees with aspects of life in the United States.


The Getting Started Guide will help you approach the guide and make use of it most easily.

The Refugee Training and Orientation guide addresses the foundations of refugee orientation and training, how to plan a training program, strategies and tools for training delivery and assessment, and information on developing trainers and partnerships. The guide also includes appendices on training strategies, handouts and worksheets to complement information provided in the guide, and selected resources related to topics discussed in the various chapters.

Getting Started is a document designed to help you approach the guide and make use of it most easily. Review Getting Started, then look through the guide for the information and resources most useful for your program, on topics such as conducting needs assessments, providing training to diverse groups of people and those with special needs, incorporating various methods into orientation sessions, and more.