R&P Orientation Curriculum

Making Your Way

Making Your Way: A Reception and Placement Orientation Curriculum was developed to equip refugee service providers with an effective and efficient approach to orientation. Based on the R&P Orientation Objectives and Indicators, the curriculum provides domestic trainers with tools and techniques to help refugees develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will need during the R&P period, a refugeeā€™s first 30 to 90 days in the United States.

The curriculum has been designed to be a culturally and educationally appropriate model for orientation that can be used either by case managers working with an individual refugee or refugee family, or by staff working with refugees in a group, workshop, or classroom setting.

The full curriculum contains 14 chapters; each of the 11 content chapters begins with a The Basics activity plan addressing particularly pressing information for that topic. The curriculum also contains numerous images, posters, handouts, and other materials for use within the classroom; in addition to its inclusion within the full curriculum, that material can be accessed through the Curriculum Toolkit.

 See the Getting Started guide to help you begin using the curriculum.

Making Your Way: R&P Orientation Curriculum Full curriculum     Basics    Toolkit in English, Toolkit Translations
User's Guide Full unit    
Needs Assessment Full unit   English, Translations
Role of the Local Resettlement Agency Full unit Basics English, Translations
Community Services and Public Assistance Full unit Basics English, Translations
Housing Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Transportation Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Employment Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Learning English Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Education Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Health and Hygiene Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Budgeting and Personal Finance Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Cultural Adjustment Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
U.S. Laws and Refugee Status Full unit Basics EnglishTranslations
Orientation Wrap-Up Full unit    
Appendix A: R&P Orientation Objectives & Indicators Appendix A    
Appendix B: Vocabulary Index Appendix B