Overseas Cultural Orientation: Updates from CO Coordinators Worldwide (11/27/2012)

November 27, 2012

During this PRM-funded webinar, the seven Cultural Orientation coordinators from around the world shared information about their overseas CO programs for U.S.-bound refugees, the caseload(s) their programs serve, the messages their trainers emphasize during CO delivery, and considerations for domestic service providers.


  • Rhonda Fleischer, RSC Africa (Church World Service)
  • Pat Blashill, RSC Austria (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
  • Kelle Rivers, RSC East Asia (International Rescue Committee)
  • Stanislav Shelukhin, RSC Eurasia (International Organization for Migration)
  • Jamal Al-Fakhouri, RSC Middle East and North Africa (International Organization for Migration)
  • Peter Vogelaar, RSC Turkey and Middle East (International Catholic Migration)
  • Tracy Vunderink, RSC South Asia (International Organization for Migration)


  • Sanja Bebic, Director, Cultural Orientation Resource Center, Center for Applied Linguistics

PDF of presentation